About the Foundation

The PHB Heritage Foundation has had a very busy year. Our museum continues to grow with items coming from our Palomino enthusiasts all over the country. Extensive work has been done including the final flooring and a rug runner to the hallway. All items have been categorized and a shelf book was submitted to the PHBA office. We have been told that this is one of the nicest small museums in the Tulsa area. Additionally, our board held a grand opening and ribbon cutting which included the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. The PHB Heritage Foundation is an active member of the Tulsa Chamber.

To shore up some of the shortfall currently existing in our organization, the PHB Heritage Foundation Board gave $10,000 to assist PHBA in their endeavors. Also, this year, we provided $500 to the PHBA Youth Scholarship Fund to add another youth scholarship for another deserving youth member.

The Foundation continues to pay a monthly rent and utility fee for the space used for the museum. All of the Board Room plaques and Past President's pictures were updated, and Board Room is current at this time. Now, we have a computer system, which includes touch pads and screens, making available the history of Palomino pictures loaded by year. In doing this, Wi-Fi, is now available for PHBA's Board Room at no cost to PHBA. The screening and editing of pictures were done by Heather Kubik from OPEA. Heather also developed both a soft and hard copy portfolio for sale and distribution depicting the early and continued development of the museum.

As special assistance to PHBA, the PHB Heritage Board paid for the appraisal of the hard assets of PHBA at no cost to PHBA. This was done to assist PHBA in their future planning endeavors. We were able to utilize the services of an Oklahoma State University Campaign Class to assist with our strategic planning. Upon their recommendation, we have launched some new marketing efforts which included a PHB Heritage Foundation Face Book.

New in 2013, we have sponsored our first Heritage Foundation Fiesta Night and meal held in conjunction with the PHBA World Show Heritage Foundation Classes and contributed to the exhibitor/member meal Thursday night of the show. Our class paybacks were paid for by private sponsors.

The PHB Heritage Foundation Board continues to foster relationships with other boards and museums, including the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. We have added some sponsorship plates to our museum star but always need more. If you haven't made a contribution, to the foundation or museum, please consider doing so. As you can see our board is busy, active and supportive of everything we do PALOMINO.