About the Foundation

During 2015, the Palomino Horse Breeders Heritage Foundation (PHBHF) met and worked a total of 28 days, at the Palomino Horse Breeders of America (PHBA) National Headquarters and Museum, in Tulsa, OK. The Foundation was preparing for the PHBA 2015 Convention and the 2016 Convention, which will also commemorate PHBA's 75th year, as a Registry and Association.

The Museum continues to add memorabilia and items, which are important to the history of PHBA. The archives are growing with the preservation, of documents, papers and other articles vital to history. The PHBHF is a 501 (c) (3) organization. The Foundation also continues to reimburse PHBA for the use of space and utilities. Another annual donation is to the PHBA-Y Scholarship and Educational Fund, to provide a scholarship, to a PHBA youth who wishes to continue their education.

For the third consecutive year, the Foundation has continued to sponsor two Heritage Classes at the PHBA World Shows, with class paybacks that come from private donors earmarked, for this specific purpose. Horses are shown under rules from the 1940s through the 1960s, with period-appropriate equipment and attire. For the first time, PHBHF provided an original Clay Gant Trophy, to the winner of the Ranch Riding Class.

A reception for the PHBA 2015 Hall of Fame inductees was held last March in partnership with PHBA. This will continue in 2016, with a reception on Saturday, prior to the Awards Banquet. On Thursday evening, the Heritage Foundation will sponsor a light meal with entertainment provided by, Cliff Shelder.

A big project has been the PHBA 75th Anniversary Publication. Many, many hours of research, work, word processing, a gathering of information, photos and travel time, were spent in getting the history of PHBA to the publisher. Each Foundation member spent time and effort to make this happen and are proud to be part of this historical publication. It has been twenty-five years since the last comprehensive booklet of PHBA history has been printed. The Heritage Foundation thanks all of the ad sponsors who made this project possible. Without their ad money, this book could not have been published.

The PHBHF has spent time getting items for the gift bags, which every convention attendee will receive. Thanks to all of those businesses and donors who gave so willingly. Another 2015 project was printing and distributing the "Save the Date", event cards, for PHBA World Shows, Convention, and the PHBHF events. Work is also progressing on a ceremony in Claremore, OK, honoring Will Rogers' involvement with the Palomino horse. Plans are to do this ceremony in conjunction with the September OPEA, "Go for the Gold Futurity," horse show, 2016.

The PHBHF visited the Color Breed Congress, held in November, Tulsa, OK. We thank Darrell Bilke for lunch and an opportunity to visit with some of the Pinto Heritage Foundation members. They gave our Foundation quite a few ideas that we hope to implement during 2016.

Alda Buresh, PHBHF President