About the Foundation

Executive Summary

The Palomino Horse Breeders Heritage Foundation (PHBHF) is pleased to report the activities the group undertook during 2016, which also marked the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Palomino Horse Breeders of America (PHBA). In addition to helping PHBA with this anniversary, the Foundation Board worked diligently on expanding and maintaining the objectives of the Foundation.

Promotion & Outreach

Tremendous effort was placed on the overall communication and messaging related to the preservation of the Palomino Horse with direct attention given towards perpetuating these efforts for future generations.

  • Coordinated, printed and created a digital catalog of PHBA's 75th Anniversary publication
  • Provided gift bags for convention attendees; including items from equine businesses to cross-promote industry connections
  • PHBA/AQHA 1993 mare, ZEE TOUCH O SPRING out of MISS BEATNICK by SEVEN S FLASHYZIPPER was displayed at the Color Breed Congress to educate the public about the history of the Palomino Horse and as a photo opportunity for families at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds
  • Compiled a searchable PHBA Hall of Fame database with photos
  • Developed and launched palominoheritage.com
  • Launched online donation capabilities through secure PayPal
  • Created new museum-quality display panels for museum use and as a traveling exhibit to promote PHBA and the history of the Palomino
  • Researched and identified potential traveling exhibit opportunities
  • Grand Marshal honors at the Will Rogers Parade in Claremore, OK, and participation at the wreath-laying ceremony. PHBA Lifetime member Todd Branson and ZEE TOUCH O SPRING represented Will Rogers & Comanche
  • Purchase and preservation of the Palomino Horse statue at Headquarters

Member Appreciation & Communication

The Foundation created new digital communication and recognition methods for donors, enhanced member appreciation receptions, supported youth scholarships and sponsored Heritage classes at Major Palomino events.

  • Hosted a Heritage Night dinner at the convention
  • Gave a youth college scholarship
  • Sponsored custom trophies for the Ranch Horse classes at the World Show (Mimsi and Thomas Coon (Dream Catcher Ranch) and Branson Quarter Horses)
  • Sponsored Ranch Riding classes at the Color Breed Congress (Branson Quarter Horses, Dream Catcher Ranch, Cedar Grove Ranch, Henderson Stock Farm)
  • Donated PHBA/AQHA a 2008 gelding, SKIP DONT SKIP out of SKIP THE IMPULSE by DONT SKIP ZIP to the Will Rogers Memorial/Museum Ranch to represent “Comanche” (Branson Family (Branson Quarter Horses)) Resides on the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch for the public to see and photograph.

Future Goals & 2017 Plans

All donors, volunteers, and contributors are credited with the successes in 2016, and without their dedicated support, this Foundation would not be in a position to promote the Palomino Horse across several organizations and with new audiences. This momentum is already beginning to shape the plans and objectives for the next three years. The year 2020 already looks as shiny as a newly minted gold penny. With your continued support and contributions, the Foundation plans to unveil several projects that advance the recognition of most honored Palomino supporters and perpetuates the opportunities for the Palomino Horse to continue to thrive for future generations.

  • Newly created scholarships for non-traditional students of all ages that support industry service professionals, and the Foundation is actively seeking donors to support this most aggressive effort under one equine Foundation. Includes: Farriers, Assistant Trainers, Backside Track Apprentices, Horse Farm Apprentice Managers, Rodeo Stock Contractor Assistants, Rodeo Management Interns, Grooms, Saddle Manufacturing, Retail Sales Agents, among others yet to be identified
  • Expanding the interactivity of the website
  • Restoration and preservation of the artwork and prints in the archives
  • Enhancing and developing a robust digital archive
  • Collaboration with other museums and special events with a traveling exhibit that tells the story of the Palomino Horse
  • Continue award sponsorships for the WS and CBC classes. 2017 sponsorship has already been secured. Cowboy Bronze will return with reserve awards at the CBC for Ranch Riding.
  • Brochures, factsheets, and other promotional materials are available for distribution

Website Reporting

Launch Date: July 1, 2016 through February 3, 2017
Pageviews: 2,993
Unique Views: 1,898
Time on Site: 1:39
Bounce Rate: 51% (excellent is 40-49%)
Newsletter Subscribers: 108
648 to 691 (7% increase)
Top Post: Grand Marshal Promotion in American Cowboy magazine on August 28 - 975 impressions