About the Foundation

It is difficult to believe that we will soon be completing a decade as your Foundation. About as amazing, our museum will be five years old. This year, like preceding others, has brought us special challenges, but then again many rewards. Some of what we did is on-going and continues from year to year. Some efforts came to pass this year, after years of planning. New initiatives are being developed as we look well down the road for the next ten years.

In the beginning, the foundation started with an incorporation application and a borrowed set of by-laws. This year, the by-laws were updated, enhanced, and made ours. Though much of the language is similar or remains the same, a few changes stand out and are worth mentioning. The new by-laws have added an Associate Member category. This change provides us the opportunity to add new members to our board beyond the required nine that make up the voting members. An Associate Member may attend meetings, assist with committees and special events and be an active participant. Associate Members are not allowed to attend executive session meetings unless asked to attend and have no voting privilege. Our first elected member to this category was Tootsie North from Mississippi.

A new appointment this year, Dr. Ed North from Mississippi was added to the board. Dr. Ed and Tootsie wasted no time in getting involved and provided for several updates to our museum, upgraded several pictures and historical pieces within the museum and paid for the new security doors so greatly needed to enhance the protection of the many items now a part of the museum displays.

The Curtis and Elizabeth Corson family from New Jersey donated an original Ted Flowers silver parade saddle in the summer of 2017 to the Foundation for displaying in the museum. It took most of 2018 and two trips to Indiana to, finally, restore the saddle to its original condition. The saddle will soon be a major feature in the museum as we are currently finalizing insurance issues for its protection. It is our goal to have several of these historical saddles on display in our museum so if you have one or know of someone who does, we are accepting donations.

Also, ongoing the last few years has been the update of all awards and honor plaques found in the PHBA Board of Directors Room. Each year these plaques are updated as information is recorded and paid for by our Foundation. Presidential pictures are, also, part of these updates.

Again, this year PHBA World Show Ranch Riding winners and reserves, in all categories were awarded a special trophy and special reserve plaques. Foundation members sponsor these special Cowboy Bronze trophies and Cowboy Bronze sponsors the reserve plaques. These special awards were developed to honor the history of the Palomino horse and recognize its special ranch history.

Your Foundation members are becoming much more visible at special events. Combining with the PHBA booth at the PtHA World Show and Color Breed Congress, Foundation members added the PHB Heritage Foundation pop-up and early picture display and answered questions regarding palomino issues and distributed Palomino materials. New this year and because of this enhanced visibility, all board members now have business cards whereby we may be contacted regarding additional concerns.

Our STEP (Scholarship Training for Equine Professionals) continues to grow. Contributions to these scholarships can be made at $500 and $1000 amounts and are tax deductible. Our long-range goal is to give five of these a year. Also, we have updated our Estate Planning material and have forms available for those who are interested in keeping your palomino support alive forever. Contributions can be directed to the museum, scholarships and in general to the Foundation.

This year the Foundation became more involved with the Hall of Fame activities associated with the annual convention. We feel so honored to be a part of recognizing these important people, horses, and their histories that have brought great recognition to our Palomino horse.

Business as usual for your Foundation is, actually, quite a much larger deal than that. We continue to upgrade and enhance our website, create new information and announcements through our social media and have a traveling display available to other museums, special events, and horse-related activities. We continue to receive and accept special museum items and historical pieces to what is already a wonderful display. Added this last year is our Memorial Book which is constantly on display at the museum. This beautiful leather-bound book is to recognize a special person, horse, or family member who's impacted your life and/or been a part of palomino history. Any amount of donation is accepted to have an addition made to the book. No special horse or person is ever forgotten once they are added to the book.