About the Foundation

Golden Contributors

The Foundation would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for the people, affiliates and businesses who have pledged their support. Their generosity makes it possible for the foundation to exist and flourish. Thank you simply isn’t enough to express how much your gift means to the Foundation and the legacy of the Palomino Horse.

The Palomino Heritage Foundation is humbled by your interest in donating to the programs and museum as you are able. Learn more about contributing artifacts and exhibits, providing display items on loan or contributing financially.

The Palomino Horse Breeders Heritage Foundation is a 501(c)(3), and all gifts are tax-deductible.

Platinum Donors - More than $1,500

Les/Ginny Baskerville Marty/Tania/Braden Baskerville Dr. Bonnie Beaver, DMV Mike/Sandy Bendele
Floyd/Lynn Branson Todd/Denise Branson Family Wm[Buddy]/Carol Brown Alda Buresh

C&C Swanson Foundation and Lori Bucholz

Carpenter Family (Jon, JJ, Cash, Coop, Cate) Thomas/Mimsi Coon Mary Ann Fielitz
Helen Fleming Terry/Carol Goble Dutch Guthrie Family Bob/Carolyn Henderson
Iowa Palomino Exhibitors Association James/Diana Johnson Wm[Bill]/Barbara/Jordan Miller Bud/Peggy/Lindsey Missel
Dawn North-Minger Dr. Ed and Tootsie North Lois Smith, OPEA ,Go For The Gold Terry Wiens      

Gold Donors - $750 - $1,499

Christine Barsema
Braden Baskerville
Darrell Bilke
William (Buddy) and Carol Brown
Joe Buresh
C.A./M. Joan Cofer
Cowboy Bronze
Ross, Heather (Branson) Kubik and Ray Lynn and Levi
Daniel Mairs Family
Patria Mauldin
Bud Missel
Lynn Rohwedder

Bronze Donors - $375 - $749

Jack Anderson, Open PP 1964-65
Ginny Baskerville-Amateur PP 2011-12
Kyle Bass
Lady's Stubby, Dr. Bonnie Beaver, PP
Sandy Bendele-Amateur PP 2018-19
Susan Bragg, Open PP 2005-06
Lynn Branson-Amateur PP 2000-01
Alda Buresh-Open PP 2007-08
Jeff Buresh Family
Joe L Buresh Family
Larry Buresh
Ramona Caldwell
Brent and Angela (Henderson) Carter
Don Coats, Open PP 2017-18
C.A. Cofer-Open PP 1979-80
Thomas (Andy) Coon
Mimsi Roe Coon, Open PP 2021-22
Don’t Bug Me Doc by Corson Family
Marleen Cowie, Amateur PP 2019-21
Gail Craun, Amateur PP 2005-06
Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation
Paula Diehl
Extravagant MC by Cedar Grove Ranch
Chuck and Cindy Fletcher
Terry Furnish-Open PP 1993-94
Heart Of Dixie Palomino Exhibitor Association
Carolyn Henderson-Open PP 2003-04
Bob Henderson-Open PP 1990-91
Kathy Helmer Hersom
Scott Holanda
Hoosier Palomino Exhibitor Association
Eric Jay John
Ric and Diana (Henderson) Katy
Kirkbride Photography
Heather Branson Kubik-Amateur PP 2016-17
Tina and Doug May
Nancy Meyers
Patria Maulden
Dena Nell, Amateur PP 2004-05
Oklahoma Palomino Exhibitor Association
Barbara Osborne
Patria Lynn Pisula
Everett Salley, Open PP 1983-84
Scott and Shelley Rystrom
Lois Smith
Dale Thiry
Steve, Barb, Kimberley Tidwell
Don Treadway
Amanda Viator AM pp 2015-16
Pam Warren
Ruby Weaver
Sam and Perri Williams Family
Sherri Young, Amateur PP 2013-14

*The PPs that have their year of presidency behind their name, gave $375 to have this done special as a fund raiser only available in the Bronze level. Any other PPs, Open, Amateur and Youth that wish to have this done contact Helen Fleming-Byson, Treasurer at (662) 871-1976 or Carolyn Henderson at (918) 636-0128.

The Book of Friends - Less than $374

Patrick L Burton, William L Bricker Jr, Paul/Bev Armstrong, Martha K Hoff, Tommy/Marion Poole, Howard Weiss, Heart Of Dixie Palomino Exhibitor Association, New York Palomino Exhibitor Association, Ashley Farms, Chuck Creekmore, Brad Gibby, Laura Lovegreen, Cliff/Carol Hardin, Jarrell Jackson, T J Jackson, Tony Kreibel, Karen Nashworthy, Farryl Holub Family, Terry/Melonie Furnish, Joan School, L.J./S.E. Bollich, Whizzer Baker, Benham Stewart Jr., Lynn Bosse, Nancy Ayers, Howard Rae, Linda Smiley, Reese Pekney, Janet Cook, Shannon Whitney, Texas Palomino Exhibitor Association, Gary/Glenda Stout, Melisia Pekney, Joy Isley, Shirley Young, Cara Stewart, Kimberley Davis, Kim Young, Ken Beasley, Don Coats, Susan Anderson, Lauren Jones, JoEllen Karr Campbell, Hannah G Parna, Thomas & Sandy Berenson, Tom & Gail Craun, Ed & Tootsie North, Susan Bragg

Artifacts & Exhibits

To donate items, provide exhibit displays, or place a piece of your heritage on loan, contact Carolyn Henderson at (918) 366-3624 for a personal, private consultation.

Thank you Donors!

Every project comes to you through the generous contributions of our donors!