Palomino History & Heritage

On November 4, 1948, the Oklahoma Palomino Exhibitors Association enacted a beautiful and spectacular scenery on the Memorial grounds of Will Rogers, in Claremore, OK.

There was a giant parade in downtown Claremore with more than 1,500 horses. Only the Palominos rode to the grounds and encircled the outside wall of the Sunken Garden at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum and Tomb. A rider on a beautiful Buckskin horse descended the 20 steps and placed a turf-covered wreath of roses, on the tomb of Oklahoma’s cowboy, horseman, and statesman, Will Rogers.

On this date would have been the 69th birthday of Will Rogers. A most unusual feature of this impressive tribute was the 69 mounted Golden Palominos.

The Golden Palominos were a fitting tribute to Will Rogers. He owned, “Comanche,” known as, ‘Yellow Pony’.


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