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July 24, 2014, Tulsa, Okla. - Since New Year’s Day 2014, the Palomino Horse Breeders Heritage Foundation board members have kept up a busy schedule of activities in behalf of the foundation.  January and February saw many days that board members were in Tulsa at the museum working on adding exhibits, cataloging, working on future plans and getting ready for the celebration of the 1st Anniversary of the museum’s opening.  During the PHBA 2014 Convention in March, the PHBHF board held a reception at the museum the day before the convention began.  The board thanks all of those attending and supporting the preservation of PHBA history.  The first day of the convention saw the Heritage Foundation sponsoring a tasty dinner in the evening and some wonderful entertainment by Craig Clemons from the Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum in Oklahoma City.

Several new stars were added to the large wall hanging in the museum.   Lori Schlifer Bucholz and the Swanson Foundation as well as Terry Wiens, our attorney from OKC, were honored during the award ceremonies later in the convention. They have done so much for the Heritage Foundation and the museum.  We could not do this work without those of you who have donated money, items, your work and talents to make this museum and archives happen.

The 2014 PHBA World Show is over, and, once again the Heritage Foundation sponsored two Heritage Classes (open halter and western pleasure). Thank you all who participated, donated to this and made it happen.  No funds from the Foundation were used for the payback; the donor specifically earmarked the money to be used for these classes that he hopes will show today’s palomino enthusiasts how the horses were shown in the early decades of PHBA.  The entire proceeds from these two classes are given back to PHBA.

Our big projects for the immediate future include a book detailing the history of PHBA’s 75 years, supporting PHBA in the 75th Anniversary year and increasing the visibility, viability and future of the Foundation.  Next work days are scheduled for September 11 through the 13th.  Any of you wishing to help, come on over.  We would love to have you.  Museum is at PHBA’s headquarters.



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